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Update on anti-xenophobia, pro-social cohesion, pro-social justice march in Johannesburg

Dear Colleagues,
With these widespread terrorist attacks in South Africa may be we should call for a national day of action where all shops of foreigners should close down for business or even two days as Solidarity to victims and solidarity to victims .Looking at the Freedom day coming soon we need to embark on action with our demands for the government to take stern measures on this kind of terrorism that has crippled the lives of human beings from other parts of the world.
This will as well show how much foreigners are contributing to the economy and health in this country .we need to mobilize including taxi owners and other Unions for this Solidarity and day of action

Godfrey Phiri
Cell ; +27 78 733 1236

Subject: Fwd: Fw: Update on anti-xenophobia, pro-social cohesion, pro-social justice march in Johannesburg
To: Shocking News <shockingnews21>

Good day all

A reminder of the march that is taking place in Johannesburg on THURS 23 APRIL from 1PM from PIETER ROOS PARK, VICTORIA AVE (between Empire and St Andrews), Parktown. Please note that it is NOT on Wed 22 April.

If you come with public transport, then you can go straight to the STARTING POINT at PIETER ROOS PARK.
If you come with hired transport, then you can come to the STARTING POINT and then ask your transport to go to the ENDING POINT at MARY FITZGERALD SQUARE, NEWTOWN to wait for you.

If you are coming in private transport, you can go straight to the ENDING POINT at MARY FITZGERALD SQUARE where you can park and catch a SHUTTLE BUS which will take you to the STARTING POINT. Then at the end of the march, you will be close to your car.

There is a leaflet attached to this email. Please print it and distribute it. Also please email it to others. This is an open march – all are welcome.
Please note that this march now has the backing of the Gauteng City Region, specifically the Gauteng Provincial Government and the City of Johannesburg. It is expected to attract more than 20 000 people.

We have a list of over 70 endorsing organisations that support this march and the fight to end xenophobia and to bring social justice to all through the eradication of all forms of inequality, exploitation and discrimination. If your organisation is in support of the march, please let us know so that we can your organisation’s name to the list. We can include your organisation’s name even if you are not able to join us on the march.

A social injustice to one is a social injustice to all!!

Thank you
Awethu! National Coordinator
082 3737705




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