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Attention: Mugabe an evil dictator causing suffering to Millions

Now Xenophobic violence in South Africa has been disrupted by the SA government. The government has responded to pressure from African countries and is now doing its best to fight this violence and hate attitude.

We Thank President Zuma for his efforts, We Thank the ANC for conducting educational outreaches. We thank you Julius Malema (EFF leader) and other opposition parties like DA who stood up. We thank you all South African people who stood up for what is right- many good South Africans have vehemently opposed Xenophobia, We thank Churches and Leader’s like Methodist Church Paul Verryn who stood up, We thank South African police services for response and arresting perpetrators of this violence. We thank you our readers and people all over the world for your tweets and other social media messages you made in opposition to Xenophobia.

Please don’t be neutral or to just wish good things to happen in Zimbabwe or South Africa. "What is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing." Do something. Pray for the persecuted. Join rights Groups. Forward SHOCKINGNEWS21 news to your friends. Make a small DONATION of $50 to Shockingnews21: PAYPAL ID: action (your Donation is private & kept secret).

Already shocking news is rocking and detractors of freedom of Conscience and Speech are being hurt. Now On spot is Mugabe of Zimbabwe he is SUPPRESSING PEOPLE, Killing opponents, human rights activists are being abducted, beaten, tortured and some killed. Even activists who demonstrated against Xenophobia at SA embassy in Harare were attacked and beaten by Heavily armed Police. Please look at news Summaries below. By Editor (SHOCKINGNEWS21)

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