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Israel rigged Zimbabwean elections. Why are Jewish Organizations silent?

Israel rigged Zimbabwean elections. Why are Jewish Organizations silent?

Did Israel rig 2013 Zimbabwean election? If it’s true it means that country is evil.


Starved Zim Children as Israel help Mugabe

My American Christian friends Told me that Jews (obvious he was referring to many Jews not all or to Israel) are evil they are behind communism in the world and right behind Mugabe’s communism in Zimbabwe. He told me that you will not be able to take out Mugabe because of the support Jews are lending him.

I could not believe what this friend of mine told me. I said l needed more evidence that Jews are behind Mugabe. He told me of one Jewish mogul who always bankrolled Mugabe’s satanic ZANU regime.

At first l thought he is a Muslim who just hated Jews. No! He was not but a devout Christian (a no nonsense Christian) who followed his master.

2013 came Nikuv an Israel company owned by Mossad (Israel Intelligence) rigged our elections, Zimbabwean 2013 elections.

Ari Ben Minashe who wanted the MDC opposition leader Morgan TSVANGIRAI hanged is a Jew and an agent of MOSSAD. This idiot went and falsely testified in High Court but his lies and conspiracy was exposed. Even ZANU PF was disappointing that Ari ben Menashe failed to nail Morgan Tsvangirai.

To my Jewish friends on this mailing list you may disagree with me. If you think l am wrong please Publicly condemn Nikuv International Projects and Ari ben Menashe(Mossad) for the evil they did in Zimbabwe. If any Jewish organization publicly condemn what Nikuv did in Zimbabwe in 2013 l WILL PUBLICLY RETRACT MY CONDEMNATION OF JEWS AND ISRAEL in this regard. OR if anyone gives me evidence of any Jewish organization condemning Nikuv’s rigging of 2013 elections l will retract my statements and will never say anything.

Why would Israel or Jews be interested in a little country like Zimbabwe? Zimbabwe is a communist country. So since Jews are behind communism (as my American friend said), power and subjugation they are behind the tyrannical regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.


Many Christians will not condemn Israel because of the Bible. But what l have to say is that this present day Israel is not the Israel of King David or King Solomon. King David, King Solomn were all men of God. The current Israel is corrupt and perverse. It’s our right to disagree or agree with it. Opposing or criticizing Israel is not opposing God.

Judaism is anti-Christ. Judaism believes in Old Testament but denies the authority or Lordship of Jesus Christ. The Bible states that Jesus Christ is the way to the father. Jesus Christ is the one who led the Israelites out of Egypt; He was the pillar of fire which divided Israelites and Egyptians and was behind Moses.

So it’s high height of madness to accept God in Old Testament and reject God in New Testament. The Old Testament was a shadow of things to come. The reality was Jesus Christ.

In short Judaism is anti-Christ. There is no mandate for Christians to support or defend the modem day Israel which is after all anti-Christ. Opposing Israel is not opposing God; in fact it is more Christian to oppose Israel.

Zimbabweans are agonized because Israel through is proxy Nikuv International Projects rigged 2013 elections. Don’t be deceived Nikuv is not an ordinary company but it’s owned by Mossad. Some say it’s owned by ex-mossad members. There is no such a thing as EX in Intelligence. Intelligence members don’t resign or act independent of their government because they carry key information and secrets.


Every year America spends millions in so-called defense of Israel. American resources are being looted to Israel. Americans must wake up to the unholy alliance between the American government and Israel. Why can’t Israel drill its gas and buy its own weapons rather than loot American tax payer’s money?

To all my Zimbabwean friends there is nothing to be happy about. Israel has rigged our 2013 elections through Niku International projects. No single Jewish organization has condemned this to show that there is a serious conspiracy.

These people are heartless and their god is money.

It looks like our Brother Itai Dzamara who was abducted 3 months ago has been murdered by ZANU PF govt. Many Critics of Mugabe disappeared in the same way. We are all vulnerable. We need unity. We don’t have to come together under umbrella of one organization but we need spirit of unity.

My plea is that all Zimbabweans in all four corner the world we have spirit of unity and fight for our freedom. Mugabe’s and his satanic govt are going to collapse but through your efforts.

Mr. Johns (email: infoexposeit)

Israel rigged Zimbabwean elections. Why are Jewish Organizations silent?



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