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Shockingnews21 Jewish people and Zimbabweans in same situation

I think tenets of Islam advocates for the conquering of the world for Allah. Muslims and Christians can live peaceful in some countries. But Islam’s objective is to conquer the world for Allah. Christianity’s objective is to conquer the world for Christ. Israel come in in this cosmic war as a world’s front against radical Islam. People everywhere should stand up for Israel’s rights to exist and to establish its defensive borders.

Under Christianity there is freedom – Christianity wins people by reason and persuasion. Christianity does not at all advocates killing its opponents in fact it commands Christians to respect and show love.

Under Islam there is no freedom -Islam wins people by force. Converts from Islam are persecuted and murdered. In Mauritania the punishment for converting from Islam to Christianity is death.

Human slavery is still active and widespread in Arab countries. Abuse and subjugation of women is tolerated in Islamic countries. Actually women have no rights at all in these countries that is the reason why Human trafficking is not prosecuted in countries like Kuwait where Zimbabwean women are currently being enslaved by some Arab men.

The good thing about Israel is that it is the only democracy in Middle East. Israel can help Zimbabwe, South Africa and other African countries with technology. African leaders must form serious alliances and work with Israel in fighting poverty and human slavery a characteristic of Islam. Read the Holy Quran slavery of blacks and non-Muslims (infidels) is permitted.

What are your Views about the article below:

Jewish people and Zimbabweans in same situation

The Jewish people and Zimbabweans are in the same situation. The Jewish
people have been oppressed and persecuted in many parts of the world.
In Europe, Asia and America the Jewish people have been severely
persecuted and discriminated. Today in South Africa Jewish people are
still being persecuted and targeted in hate speech. Zimbabweans who
have fled ZANU PF atrocities of Mugabe’s regime are also discriminated
and persecuted in UK, South Africa and many parts of the world.

When shall Zimbabweans and Jewish people have freedom? All the people
are created in the image of God. Hatred and discrimination of people
based on race or nationality is evil. Propaganda of lies and
anti-Semitism against Jewish people and xenophobia and tribalism
against Zimbabweans must go. These are social evils which must be
opposed at all costs. Jewish people and Zimbabweans are targeted and
this is perpetuated by leaders who should be promoting peace and
mutual existence of all tribes, nationalities and races.

In Zimbabwe, the ZANU PF government of Robert Mugabe has fully support
of Iran and other Islamic countries. In Palestine groups committing
terrorism are sponsored and armed by Iran. By supporting ZANU PF in
Zimbabwe, the Russians, Chinese and Iranians are promoting suffering
and oppression of freedom loving Zimbabweans.

At this critical moment Zimbabweans should stand with our
Jewish brothers who are suffering similar persecutions. When shall
Zimbabwe be free from ZANU PF being supported by other tyrannical
regimes such as Iran? When shall Israel be free from propaganda,
disinformation and terrorism being sponsored by the bloodthirsty
regime in Iran? The truth is that Iran and other Islamic countries do
not want peace between Israel and Palestine but want destruction of

When shall Sudan, Iran and Mauritania stop honor killings, executing,
flogging and persecuting Christians and other religions? All that is
necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing. Now is the time to
rise up against propaganda, lies and terrorism in Zimbabwe and
Palestine. What are your views email: foundationof at;

Collen Makumbirofa
Foundation of Reason & Justice

Fax 0027 86 5585 405



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