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Asking the SADC to help Zimbabweans is just like asking Satan to solve the problem of immorality.

Asking SADC to solve the problem of Zimbabwe is wishful thinking ( Its just like asking Satan to solve the problem of morality. What you will get from SATAN is more evil and Chaos.

Sadc is a club of dictators and all kinds of perverts. You may find 1 or 2 good people in SADC like Ian Khama (President of Botswana) but they won’t have much say. Most of the devils in SADC are on the side of Mugabe. They will craft more ways to cheat and enslave Zimbabweans.

The solution is with Zimbabweans, get united, get into streets to vent your anger. Collect people door to door and go and camp by the state house in millions. Mugabe won’t shoot millions the army will be overwhelmed and go on side of the people and Mugabe will flee Zimbabwe.

South Africa and SADC are on the side of Mugabe. They will even send planes to shoot Zimbabweans demonstrating against Mugabe. The affluent British or Americans don’t care about ordinary Zimbabweans dying. Its our own struggle as Zimbabweans. One man for himself and God for us all. My plea is that we need a revolutionary mentality and we need to side with each other not to be disturbed by stupid arguments. Each’s contribution must be valued. If you are outside Zimbabwe send money to our comrades on ground. Its no longer about your family only but about every Zimbabwean. We must be one family. Lets think out of a box.

To communicate and to bypass ZANU PF government spying machinery use emails like (signup for your email its free) use android Application called The Telegram (just go to android Playstore and type Telegram). Encourage your friends to use these secure means of communication. On Facebook post everything pictures, stories etc…. Post anything you want on Regime Press LINK:

We must fight for Zimbabwe in the same way Jews fight for Israel. Freedom is coming to Zimbabwe! by The Regime Press (, email: regimepress>”>regimepress

SADC Urged to Tackle Zimbabwe Crisis

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