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ATTENTION: Was Morgan Tsvangirai poisoned by Mugabe in Zimbabwe?

Tsvangirai may have been poisoned, in the same way Munangagwa was poisoned. In 2014, I received a tip-off that ZANU PF bought a poisonous metal isotopy from Russia destined to eradicate opposition leadership. It is similar to Polonium 210 which killed Alexander Litvinenko in London but a slow reactive poison than Polonium 210 that takes time to kill its victim by inducing cancer. This may have explained why recently Munagagwa came out open on what doctors told him, of a poisonous metal found in his body, which can only be found from 2 military governments of the world, Russia and Israeli.

A small dose takes years to kill slowly, "Polonium was used to kill the Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko. It’s a deadly carcinogen that can take years to take effect. Ingest a small dose of Polonium, and within a couple years you’ll be dead from cancer, making it an effective slow working poison" Quora (2016)

Once it kicks in, the victim dies peacefully as by the time the victim dies, the physical boy will have been immobilised. This explained what gogo Tsvangirai said that, Tsvangirai never moved his muscle at the time of his death. This was the same with Alexander Litvinenko, he died "peacefully"

I communicated this to President Tsvangirai and the leadership, to be vigilant.

As a Diplomat, I sometimes receive highly sensitive information that I communicate to leadership, including on 22 December 2014, when I was alerted of Kasukuwere’s presence and intention in Crimea, a report which after communicating to leadership, was put in the public domain see below;


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